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Prismatica Episodio 2: Kiwi deliziosa guida di Rosarno

After leaving Sicily and the Mare Memoria Viva ecomuseum, Prismatica journey continues towards Calabria. In particular, the second stop is Rosarno, where we went to read "Kiwi, delicious guide of Rosarno". Kiwi is a choral story written by more than 50 authors, including Rosarno citizens and travelers. The associations A of Città and Viaindustriae conducted a two-year job with the territory and with the community in order to collect testimonies, anecdotes and stories of an unpublished and unknown Rosarno. Writing down the set of tacit knowledge of people from Rosarno, citizens gave life to a publication that makes a new and multifaceted portrait of the city. The book has become a public space in which citizens have been able to make a personal contribution by feeling themselves authors and protagonists.

Kiwi is a hybrid publication, half tour guide, half novel of a further, probable, possible, futuristic Rosarno. Why is it delicious? Prismatica tells us this.

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Card sfondo logo paddy nero


January 25, 2019 at 11:17

Una bellissima iniziativa, quella di Kiwi, raccontata splendidamente da Prismatica -- grazie!

Card il cielo sopra berlino


January 25, 2019 at 14:00

molto bella l'idea di una guida che è un racconto collettivo della comunità e del suo territorio

Card cfavatar


January 25, 2019 at 14:21

Thank you, Prismatica, for coming back to with this great documentary. We remind all Commoners the first Prismatica's short documentary shared here: Grazie mille a Prismatica per aver condiviso un altro bellissimo documentario qui su Ricordiamo a tutte/i le/i Commoners la prima video-storia realizzata da Prismatica e pubblicata su