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New Monetary and Financial Models for New Economies - March 28th

The event began with the presentation of Commonfare by Andrea Fumagalli, who dealt with subjects including welfare, the commons and unconditional basic income.Bru Laín then presented B-MINCOME, a pilot project to combat poverty and inequality in disadvantaged areas of Barcelona, in particular the Eix Besòs area. It aims to test the effectiveness and efficiency of combining a passive policy in the form of financial support (Municipal Inclusion Support), with four types of active policy for social and workplace integration in the following areas: training and employment, social economy, grants for room rent, and the development of community participation.Subsequently Àlvaro Porro, Ester Vidal, Martí Olivella and Susana Martín spoke about the rec, Barcelona’s social currency, created as part of the B-MINCOME project, 25% of Municipal Inclusion Support being paid in recs. The results of the six months during which the rec has been in circulation were presented. They include: 175 professional users, 600 private users 341,458 recs created, 204,146 recs changed into euros by professional users, an average of 2,288 recs taken by each shop, recirculation up by 29% since the first month, a survey taken by 232 private users shows that 82.76% are satisfied with the rec, while 80.26% of the 76 businesses which took the survey expressed satisfaction. In the afternoon a workshop was held to review the instruments presented in the morning (public procurement, social currency and basic income). Three work groups were organised and asked to consider three questions: Key aspects for engaging public authorities. Liaison between social currencies. How to ensure that these initiatives reach the people who most need them. Finally, to round off the conference, two parallel sessions were held: The first was “Change Finance: Consolidating Transformative Economies and Social Innovation” by Diego Isabel La Moneda, Director of NESI Forum. The session emphasised the need to coordinate different suggestions by activists to develop a common proposal for change in the economic model. The second was the presentation of the rec’s API, with an explanation of how the system works and how it can be used to develop interconnected systems using the rec.

Commonfare.net è per le persone, con le persone e delle persone.

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Andrea Fumagalli

aprile 03, 2019 at 18:25

Thank-you Novact for this contribution, Very socially important to share information about different welfare experimentations .

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aprile 04, 2019 at 09:31

it is kind of messy as it is displayed - Novact, wanna have a chat on why it is happening? the title includes a non-standard character, and the text is in the "location" field and not as text :O

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aprile 04, 2019 at 14:28

thanks for adjusting it