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Bijstand voor Zelfstandigen (Social assistance for self-employed) (Bbz)

Financing Body                                     



Self-employed persons who may (temporarily) get into financial problems that threaten the survival of their business.

Types of workers who are not entitled to the benefit:        

  • Younger than 55 with a non-viable business
  • If your income is higher than social assistance level
  • If you can get other funding
  • If you don’t devote 1225 hours per years or more to your business
* This scheme is executed by the municipalities and they all have different criteria. These are the common ones.

Rates of the benefit                        

There are no fixed rates and there are different types of assistance. Most common are an interest-free loan to for instance buy equipment or follow a course; a start-up credit; and an income supplement up to maximum social assistance level.

Duration of benefit

The benefit will stop if:

  • If the business if profitable (again)
  • If the beneficiary finds a job.
  • If the beneficiary entitled to a pension (AOW).
  • When the beneficiary dies.
Claim procedures   

You can claim Bbz in person at the city counsel.


State, but executed by municipalities (if the money provided by the state is insufficient, the municipalities have to compliment it).

Applicable statutory basis              

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