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Call for story competition to participate in the Conference 'New monetary and financial models for new economies: the experience of Commonfare and REC'

Barcellona parc guell

Barcelona, 28 March, 2019

Dear Commoner, is a platform designed to inform, inspire and connect persons across Europe to imagine and create a society based on solidarity, the common good and social justice. This platform is a work in progress and will become what we, the commmoners, do with it.

In this spirit, we publish the first Italian Call for Common Stories!

Share your ideas on what 'a better society' means, and if your story is selected, Commonfare will cover your expenses to attend the Conference "New Monetary and Financial Models for New Economies: Commonfare and REC Presentation", which will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on March 28, 2019 as a blogger.

During this conference, Commonfare will discuss the experience of REC (Real Economy Currency), Barcelona's complementary social currency. It is a citizen exchange system complementary to the euro, which allows transactions in a community between individuals, institutions and businesses.

Commonfare will cover your travel and accommodation expenses and provide you with a daily allowance to allow you to better enjoy the Conference. As a Commonfare blogger, you can meet other people and experiences, enrich your network and be inspired by the presentation of bottom-up experiments on the theme of alternative currencies or basic income.

Interested? Here's what to do:


1. If you are not yet a Commoner, become one by joining;


2. Write a short contribution (about 1000 words) on to answer the following questions, according to your ideas, values and imagination:


- How do you think the introduction of a basic income can improve living conditions?

- Do you think that a complementary/alternative currency could be useful?


The criteria for selection will be: (i) relevance to the issues raised, (ii) adherence to Commonfare values, (iii) opportunities to help, inform or inspire others, and (iv) creativity.


Publish your story-contribution on by the end of the day of March 10, 2019, with the tags “Barcelona” and "Common story". Commonfare will announce the winning story through a post on The winner will be contacted through the email address with which he has subscribed to

 The trip to Barcelona will be between March 27th and 29th

Pack your suitcase for Barcelona! is for, with, and by people.

Do you want to join? You will need only an email address, and we will never use it for other purposes.

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