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Commonplaces in the era of antidepressant

The aim of this content is trying to reflect about the vast increasing of mental health disorder(s) and the commodification of mental life.

I'd like to go straight to the point: I think in this present the need of commonplaces against the commodification of life could not only hoped but it's immensely indispensable. But, this should be the final sentence and not the first one. How to start in the creation of new commonplaces beyond psychiatry? I think this is a very important question.

So, the topics of this short paper are a kind of reflection where I'd like to point out that:

-the nature of psychiatry, or at least the "standard" one is to just kill all the emotions of the body. Psychiatry is a prison.

-the uselessness park of pharmaceutical drugs has been causing big problems. The first one, is the oblivium of human consciousness in "grey mind zone" where mind is free from life. The second one, is of cours a metabolic problem. With the big increse of medicalized people, we're also destroying the "green world" with a vast range of psychiatric insecticides. I think Commonplaces must be against this kind of logic and work on the joyful meeting of bodies where free emotional exchange is essential for the creation of a "collective body". Let's restart from the body, and not from the isolation of the minds. A free body can all.

-Normalized emotions and feelings are the main objective in this capitalist phase for the creation of bodies filled with zoloft and capitalist misery. I think, besides the creation of commonplaces as shelters (opposed to asylium), is very important to combat in every way the "psychiatric mental undertone" (for ex. stigma) that has been totalizing more and more the minds.

-the nature of also the psychology is just a way to modify the subject till the end of wallet or money. So it's pretty useless. Let's work on the subjectivation process, to free the body from a logic market of commodification of life and emotions.

-what else can be done? and think?

I think there are many challenges that await us to de-psychiatrize society.

I know this is just a short reflection, but where to put this if not here? The future is common.

Thanks. is for, with, and by people.

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December 27, 2018 at 22:44

A free body can all - I like it!