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I have met Hannegijs in Egberts Lent and in Groningen, at Henry's PAIR (Portable Artist in Residence) hangout. She is a quite bright artist and is very keen into finding new ways, through rituals, explorations and vebalized communication to engage citizens into participatory reflections. All this can be as well called Teatre :)

These are a summary of her words recalling the experience of play at a Commonfare workshop organised by Henry Alles in Egbert's lent this winter.


I am a docent of theatre studies. 

I was curious about the target group. If it was for grown ups only or also for kids.

I found the game interesting. Petty we couldn’t play it longer.

The system is explained in a simple way. You can see how the money is moving around. 

And right away you have to interact with the others.

I wanted to know how far can I go with ideas and how does it influence the others.

I started with setting up a recycling company, a second hand shop and an organisation that eliminated the waste.

I like the idea that we can create a new currency, because sometimes I really think that capitalism is shit, 

we have to get away from it. It’s good idea to have a different system which is connected to the existing one without going back to the primitive exchange methods. It is something which fits with our times.

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