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Huurtoelslag (Rent allowance)

Financing Body      



People who live in social housing. How much allowance depends on the rent, the income, the age and how you live. If your own capital resources are too high, you will not receive housing benefit. You can apply to the Tax Office.

People who are not entitled to the benefit:

The statements below are in general; there are some possible exceptions

- People younger that 18 (unless single parents for instance)

- People with a contract for a fixed term only (or no contract)

- People not renting independent living accommodation i.e. a room

- People who are not registered at their address at the municipality

- People who (or their spouses or roommates) do not have the Dutch nationality or a valid residence permit

- People whose rent (> € 610,78), (joint) income (> € 30.000 couple) or own capital resources (> € 24437) are too high

- People living abroad

Rates of the benefit

Duration of benefit

The benefit will stop if:

- You buy a home

- You move abroad

- You are imprisoned for longer than 1 year

- Your own capital resources exceed the above-mentioned criteria on January 1st

- You do not meet the above criteria any longer

Claim procedures

You can claim rent allowance online on the website of the tax authorities using your DigID; a digital identity used on government and healthcare websites. You can also go to a tax office, but need to make an appointment. For 2016, you can claim rent allowance until September 1 2017. You need to claim only once, after that it will automatically be renewed as long as you meet the criteria.


State (executed by tax authorities)

Applicable statutory basis

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