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Ri-Maflow - Recovered factory

Milano, Italy

RiMaflow is a recovered factory, located in the southern outskirts of Milan. It was occupied in 2013. The activities are carried out by an association called “Casa del Mutuo Soccorso” (Mutul-Aid Society), consisting of three organisations, namely RiMaflow, Associazione Libera and Cooperativa Ies (Social Ethics Cooperative), that aims to match solidarity economy with productive activities and social fabric. RiMaflow also founded a cooperative that currently has 12 members. These organisations are allowed to use the spaces of the factory on a gratuitous loan approved by the bank that owns the property. 

RiMaflow carries out different activities including an organic market, (through the network of Fuorimercato, ethical purchasing groups and Genuino Clandestino), artisan activities (carpentry, furniture restoration, modeling, upholstery and metal processing ...), co-working spaces for those who need an office and want to relate to other co-workers. The Citadel of the other economy in RiMaflow aims to recreate in one place a complete supply chain and develop a new form of economy that is able to rethink market mechanisms, starting from building different relationships. RiMaflow is also engaged in other activities including recycling computers and electronic household devices, transport and logistics activities, interchange services, activities in the construction sector. It also has a camper storage space, a bar and a cafeteria.


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