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Spazio di Mutuo Soccorso (SMS)

Spazio di Mutuo Soccorso  - SMS - (Mutual-Aid Space) is a self-organised multi-purpose experience based in two occupied buildings in the western semi-periphery in Milan. It is inspired by the workers' experiences of Mutual-Aid. This experience aims to meet, in the absence of adequate social measures, the housing needs of a working class district with a high presence of migrants.

On the one hand, it provides apartments in the two occupied buildings after a close examination of each situation carried out by the housing help desk (also evaluating people's commitment to the cooperative management of the space, that is their engagement in one of various organisational activites), on the other hand it ensures a temporary accommodation to those who are on a waiting list for social housing.

The activities carried out by SMS aim to provide precarious workers and migrants with services and resources in order to help them tackle the crisis. SMS runs different projects including the community-based gym “Hurricane”, a bicycle repair workshop, the C_Rise project – a flea market promoting the exchange and reuse of products, an art workshop, the GASP – an ethical purchasing group, the People's University whose core is the school of languages Abba  which issues the official certification of Italian as a foreign language (CILS), a photography and videomaker workshop. It also hosts an after-school child care space called “C'era due volte”, the headquarters of Asia – a trade union association for tenants which is affiliated to the grass-roots union USB, and a research and action group involved in the redevelopment of Piazza Stuparich, a square in front of SMS.

For more details, you can read the storytelling of SMS in the book "Generazioni Precarie.  Una conricerca tra percezione del rischio, bisogni emergenti, welfare dal basso”,  that is part of  “Commonfare Book Series

Here the complete report in english

Web site

Spazio di Mutuo Soccorso, Stuparich 18, Milano je za, sa i od ljudi.

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