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Social Wallet API

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Aspasia -aspra- Beneti, Lead developer of the Social Wallet API

Aspasia Beneti presents her work, the Social Wallet API at the Oltre Economia Festival.

The Social Wallet API is made to facilitate the integration of blockchain functions into existing front-end applications, providing an easy backend of documented REST API endpoints that are validated and, in case of error, report meaningful messages. It also gives the opportunity to add metadata to transactions which can be very useful for grouping, labeling and filtering as well as adding some context.

The Social Wallet API allows to make calls to mongo db and to running blockchain nodes that are compatibile with Bitcoin Core and support the generic Bitcoin RPC. Overtime more implemenations will be provided for different distributed ledger implementations and storages.

The Social wallet API can also operate with only the DB without any blockchain connection, which is great for experimentation, testing or situations where the complexity of a distributed ledger is not required.

[more info: https://github.com/Commonfare-net/social-wallet-api]

"if you ever need to implement your own complementary courrency"

The SWAPI has been implemented in various ways and setups. In Macao Milano, as the experimental coin to run the social center, in Santarcangelo di Romagna for the Festival dei teatri and later in Trento for the Oltrino festival.

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