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Zorgtoeslag (Healthcare allowance)

Financing Body      



People with low (middle) income are often entitled to health care benefits. This way, healthcare remains affordable and accessible for them. How many health care benefits one can obtain depends on the income and living conditions. The Tax Authorities pay the healthcare benefit monthly.

People who are not entitled to the benefit:

  • People younger than 18
  • People without a Dutch health insurance
  • People whose income exceeds € 27.012 (singles) or € 33.764 combined household income
  • People without the Dutch nationality or a residence permit (partners should have the nationality or permit as well)
  • People with more own capital than € 106,941 (for singles) or € 131,378 jointly (for partners).

Rates of the benefit

For single persons with a statutory minimum wage, the maximum care allowance amounts to € 998 in 2016; for multi-person households with a minimum wage, the maximum care allowance amounts to € 1,905 in 2016.

Duration of benefit

The benefit will stop if the above criteria are no longer met or the person dies.

Claim procedures

You can claim healthcare allowance online. If you need help, you can visit the local tax office. To claim online you need a DigID. You are responsible for keeping information up to date to prevent from receiving too little or too much (in which case you need to pay back). It is automatically checked with your tax returns.


State, executed by tax authorities

Applicable statutory basis

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