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Events - Commonfare in Amsterdam - Commonfare Newsletter #1

Amsterdam, Carnival of the Oppressed Feelings poster

From Commonfare Newsletter #1

In the first week of October, pilot partner Museu da Crise was invited to present Commonfare during a five day program at the Tijdelijk Museum that serves as a prelude to the Carnival of Oppressed Feelings by the wonderful and inspiring artist Gluklya Pershina. Goal of these five sessions was to provide input for the manifesto of the Utopian Unemployment Union of Amsterdam, a project by the same artist. The manifesto will be presented during the Carnival. Previously, Museu da Crise has worked on similar themes, such as precarity and (financial) oppression. Here is a registration of a performance by Museu da Crise on May 27 2016 at the Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam, which we showed to the audience on Monday to spark the debate on these issues.

The day started with a beautiful performative tour of the former prison complex Lola Lik that now houses an interesting combination of artists and refugees. The five sessions each have a theme (or ‘party’ in the political sense) such as ‘Potato Eater party’, ‘Language of Fragility party’ and ‘Monsters party’ that provides the starting point for the conversation of the day. [Report courtesy of Museu da Crise] is for, with, and by people.

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