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Good Practices - Tutorial

Tutorial stories aims to connect initiatives and experiments of social collaboration, alternative economy, self-management and self-production of resources, which are an expression of local circumstances and specific needs of their community. In the Good Practices section we want to give a space to those collectives that face their economic and financial problems starting from their social relations on the basis of mutual aid and solidarity.

You can find the Good Practices on the red top bar.

Step 0001


If you are interested in a specific topic, use the search function. You will find Good Practices that match your search.

Step 0002


In case something is not clear, you want to learn more or you want to share a similar experience, write a comment. Asking public questions and starting conversation always adds value to the community.

In case you want to get in touch with a Good Practice, you will find contact information within the story.

Step 0003


We encourage you to share a Good Practice to inspire your network. We believe that sharing useful information and interesting experiences can improve lives.

Do you have questions or remarks about this tutorial? Write a comment below! is for, with, and by people.

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