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Kinderopvang (Childcare)

Financing Body      



To receive this allowance workers need to have children for which they receive child benefits, the day-care centre has to be formally registered and they need to have a written contract with them, you need to have the Dutch nationality or a valid residence permit, you are either working, studying or trying to find a job.

Types of workers who are not entitled to the unemployment benefit:

  • If workers do not comply to the listed criteria above.
Rates of the benefit

Depends on the income and how many of your children need day-care. The state pays a percentage of the costs. For lower incomes up to 94%.

Duration of benefit

The benefit will stop if:

  • The child no longer goes to day-care
Claim procedures

Childcare allowance can be calculated, claimed and changes through the website of the tax authority.


Tax authority

Applicable statutory basis

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