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„Let's get together & hang out over films, cartoons, games, music, bicycles“


Come on Thursday, June 13th, from 17:00 to 21:00 to Zelena akcija (Frankopanska 1, Zagreb) and hang out with great people, watch movies and cartoons, play games, enjoy good music and a light snack or learn how to repair a bicycle.

The main purpose of this event is to get to know each other better, whether we were born in Croatia or came from a faraway country. Let's meet our neighbours, our old and new fellow citizens, regardless of possible language or other obstacles. And apart from all this, you can learn why it is important that we all work together to build an environmentally and socially sustainable society where everyone is welcome.

**Come because from 17:00 you can expect a lot of fun**


• [17:00 - 20:00] Cartoons and a creative workshop for making Planet Earth - led by a professional working with children

(parents, you can rest and have some fun during this time ;)


• [18:00 - 21:00] Documentary films selected from our Environment Film Festival

• [17:00 – 20:00] Regular Bicycle workshop (BicPop): you can bring your own bicycle and learn how to fix it while talking to volunteers (because the bicycle is an environmentally sustainable means of transport!)

• Table tennis (bring some competitive spirit with you ;)

• Other games (eg. bow and arrow - safe for children)

• Music (let's dance!)

• A light snack with tea, coffee or juice.

Additionally, we encourage you to bring a little something to eat (according to your own possibilities, can be just a snack), especially if you want to prepare something nice from your home(land).

Also, if you have an extra game for children which you don't use anymore, bring it with you and donate it. In Zelena akcija we also have an "Exchange Cabinet" where you can leave or take something completely for free (e.g. seasonal clothes, books, etc.).

** This event is part of the 6th „Weeks for refugees“ and is aimed at including the local community into the process of integration to jointly create an intercultural and solidary environment.

Commonfare.net is for, with, and by people.

Do you want to join? You will need only an email address, and we will never use it for other purposes.

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